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When it comes to weddings, the possibilities are endless!!!!  Are you looking for a small cutting cake with cupcakes and/or a variety of confections?  Or are you looking to make a grand statement with one large cake?  I'm here to help.  I am more then happy to replicate a cake of your dreams, but why have someone else's cake, let's make YOUR cake.  Here's what I me photos of different cake designs you have found on that handy web, tell me what you like about each one, let me know how many servings you are needing, your wedding colors & the flowers you have chosen, the vibe you are striving to achieve for your big day.  I will then take all of the information you have provided and create a sketch of YOUR cake.  Once I send you the first sketch, which I call round 1, if you like it GREAT, if you don't, tell me what you do & don't like and then it's off to round 2.  We will work together until we create the perfect design for you.       

How does pricing work?

I start with a base price per serving.  The smallest tiered cake that I offer is a 2 tier - 6" & 8" - serves 36 - 44

  • Buttercream Covered - $12.00 per serving

  • Fondant Covered or Vegan - $14.00 per serving 

I then add an Artistry fee according to the amount of time I believe it will take me to create the Artistic design

If you are looking for a small cutting cake accompanied with cupcakes and/or confections - please review my menu page.

  • I recommend the Artistry cake level for the cutting cake

  • For the cupcakes and/or confections, I recommend you provide me with what items interest you. I can then provide you with quantity recommendations according to your guest count.  (many of the confections can be cut into 4's so that they are bite size)

I will provide multiple quotes - different size options - for the number of servings you are needing.  You can then select which best fits your budget​

Private Tastings are held with start times of

Wed-Fri 3pm-5pm,  Sat  9am-12pm and are per availability

A total of 6 people can attend the tasting/consultation 

Private Tastings:

  • Tastings are $150.00 - For Vegan Flavors $185.00

    • (Payment due prior to date and is non-refundable)

  • You pick 4 Cake flavors & 2 fillings for each one (each additional $25.00)  i.e.  Cake flavor - filling, filling

    • Flavor options can be found on Cakes & Confections tab​

  • I make a 4" round of each combination.

  • While serving you your selected combinations, we will spend One (1) hour together discussing servings needed, flavors, confections, design, contract/payment process, & day of pickup or delivery.

  • The leftovers go home with you.

Cake Sizes - Shapes - Servings

Size    Round    Square    Hexagon

6"        12              18             10

8"         24             32             N/A

9"         N/A           N/A            26

10"       38             50             N/A

12"       56             72             44

14"       78             98             N/A

15"       N/A           N/A            70

16"       100           128           N/A         

Sample of Cake Tiers & Pricing 

Lydia's Terms & Conditions

Additional Servings - Square cakes & are Not decorated - these are the same height as the main cake.

6" Square - Serves 18 - $108.00   Vegan - $117.00

8" Square - Serves 32 - $192.00   Vegan - $208.00

10" Square - Serves 50 - $300.00   Vegan - $325.00

Full Sheet - Serves 75 - $450.00   Vegan - $487.50

  • Butter Cream on the outside of the cake Only 

Fresh Flowers on Wedding/Custom Cakes:

  • All wedding cake orders include a small amount of fresh flowers in your colors.  I will purchase the best quality that I am able to find in your colors, prepare them, & place them on your cake prior to delivery.

  • If you would like to use the exact same flowers that you will be having at your wedding, you have 2 options.

    • I deliver the cake and your florist prepares & places the flowers on the cake.  (I am not held responsible if flowers are not prepared/placed on cake properly.  Naked floral stems in a cake could/will cause the cake to change in flavor.)

    • Your flowers are provided to me the day before your wedding.  I will prepare & place the flowers on the cake the morning of delivery. 

Anniversary Cake:

Don't Freeze that top tier!  When your wedding order is $400 or more (excludes delivery fee), Lydia will make you a Fresh 6" round cake for your 1 year  Anniversary.  The Free 6" is included in Every Wedding Cake order (excludes cupcake only orders).  You are required to contact Finale 2 weeks prior to your Anniversary and place the order and schedule a pick up date.  (must be ordered prior to anniversary and picked up within a week of anniversary date)



Delivery available for Weddings only, 7 days a week, & within 150 miles of Maple Valley, WA.  For tiered cakes or singled tiered cakes with a minimum cupcake/confections order of $400 or more.

  • $150.00 for the first 40 miles from Maple Valley (round trip).  $1.50 per mile after. 

  • Additional fees apply during Peak Commuter Hours

  • Pickup is available and is at your own risk - Lydia's will not be held responsible for the cake once in the hands of the client.

  • Orders that are for Single tired cakes and/or cupcake orders are available for pickup only.

  • Delivery to Venues that I am a preferred vendor - $100.00 for the first 40 miles round trip

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