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Now offeing Private one on one Classes!!
5 hour session $600.  Class includes basic tools you will need to continue the Artistry skills you learn in class (not a turn table).  I will teach you how to use buttercream, fondant, waffer paper, & stencils.  Email me directly to begin your Artistic Adventure!!!

Lookin' to have fun while learning how to build a cake?  Then grab your family, friends, or whomever, and come to Lydia's for your "Cake Decorating 101" class.  Available for all age groups, all occasions, & definitely for the girls night out. 
Currently Scheduled group classes - Sign Up by clicking here
Private Group classes - email me directly -

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Here are the details....
*  Available Wednesday - Friday 5pm start or Saturday 2pm start (per availability)
*  Minimum & Max of 6 students
*  $120.00 per student with full payment due at booking time.  (not paid, not on the books)
*  Each student selects their cake flavor from Chocolate, Coffee, Confetti, Red Velvet, or Vanilla
*  Each student gets 3 layers of cake & a nice tub of Vanilla buttercream
*  We will spend 3-3 1/2 hours laughing & learning the basic techniques for building a 6" round cake. 
    I will show you the best way to build your cake to ensure it has a nice and sturdy structure, different
    butttercream textures, and different ways to finish off your masterpiece.  Fresh fruit & rainbow sprinkles will be        provided, but feel free to bring in some fresh flowers to decorate with.
*  YOU take your piece of Art home with you to share with your family & friends.....should you choose to share. 
*  You are more then welcome to bring in food & drinks for snacking during the "refrigeration" time.  If you are 
    interested in obtaining a liquor permit, here is the link to do so.  Liquor permit link  It must be sent to me prior to
    the class and I will print it off so that you can sign upon your arrival.  

*  Are you an individual looking to join a class?  I have specific dates each month set aside for you.  There is still
    a minimum of 6 students that must attend the class.  If it does not fill up then we will move it to another date
    until the class is full.  Full payment is required to hold your spot and is non-refundable.  If you choose to cancel
spot completely, you will be provided with a Gift Card towards Lydia's confections in the shop.   

My Bitches...I mean these sexy Ass Beasts...
I mean my Girlfriends....The Guinea Pigs. :)

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The Brandley Hanson Group

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Bridal Shower for Liz

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